Stages of a relationship that most couple go through

stages of relationship

Firstly, if you are in any relationship, it is not necessary that it may go well. There are usually 4 stages of a relationship, which are further explained in this article.

It’s not necessary that the one you are dating is your soulmate. Life is unpredictable, sometimes it’s hard to find that one special person and sometimes it’s there, right in front of us and we are not aware of it. Relationships are not meant to be perfect, you experience both good and bad from it. Relationship teaches you the lesson of life. 

So let’s start with the basics about relationships and it’s stages.

 There are usually 4 stages of a relationship !

Based on which you realize that  you and your partner are destined to be together for lifetime or not.

Stage 1: Attraction

Attraction phase or the fairy tail phase.

In which you feel good about everything. There will always be a smile on your face. When you are with your partner, you feel like you’re on cloud nine .

Everything seems so romantic. You find your partner to be the best thing ever happened to you. Everything seems to be so perfect about your partner. You adore your partner.

Things you neglect  :

  • Ignore each other’s flaws.
 New relationship is like a new marriage. Everything seems to be perfect and you tend to be in a fairy tale where you are always happy and ignore one another’s flaws. But this could latter affect your relationship. 
  • Think that things will always remain the same.
Every person has wrapped their life in layers and people tend to open that layer with the passage of time. So things would definitely change with time and it’s okay. But what is not okay is to think that things will remain as happy as now till forever. 
  • Try to avoid fights.
Same as we avoid flaws we try to avoid fights and arguments. We tend to agree with other person to avoid silly arguments but this could later affect your relationship as your partner feels they are dominant and can always make you agree with them. 
  • Try to hide your bad habits. 
Most men hide their habits of smoking or drinking so as not to give any bad impression. But sooner or later things would eventually come out. 
  • Hide about the past. 
We all have some dark secrets from the past which we don’t want to share. But there are always some loopholes. So it’s better to share rather than hiding as the basis of any relationship is trust. And when you can’t share with your partner how can you build a trust and further a strong relationship. 
  • Try to be someone else. 
It’s human nature to try to find good qualities of our ex in our current partner. In context to that, Some pretend to be someone else so as to be ‘perfect’ in your partner’s eyes. 
This phase may usually last for three to four months.

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Stage 2 : Disappointment

disappointed stages of relationship

In this phase, there is no such fairy tale thing.

You will figure out how different you are from your partner, in having different perceptions, different ways of dealing things and different ways of reacting. Now you will start to see flaws in each other. You don’t always agree on one thing.

You will start reconsidering your relationship. Wondering if you are still in love? Or was it even a love?

To make it work:

•You have to remember the first thing that makes you to be with that person.

•Try to communicate.

There is a saying “Biggest communication problem is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply”

•Try to accept each other’s flaws.

Nothing is as perfect as we want to. Everyone is perfect in their own way.

Stage 3: Understanding

understanding phase in stages of relationship
Understanding from stages of a relationship is all about compromise and acceptance. It’s not like the fairy tail phase. It’s more like a reality check. You are more into deeper conversation. Both as a couple work on their differences and understand each other.
understand the importance of being supportive to one another.
You do argue, fight, cry and mess up things but you know that stupid fellow will definitely make up to you.
It is amazing that you get into that phase of your relationship where you can be sitting together in silence for hours and still feel wanting. 

Stage 4: Final commitment

Very few couples make it so far. In this stage you work, act and behave as a team. Relationship with no lies. Honest and the most understanding relationship. You have completely accepted each other with their flaws. You have a vision for the future together.
In the end, finding your soulmate is like a rollercoaster ride.
Some find it early and some later in their life. But we have to understand one thing that every relationship is not meant to be perfect.

Conclusion :

Every relationship is perfect in their own way. But it’s not necessary to have an happy ending. I hope these stages of a relationship somewhat helped you in understanding relationships.

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