How to stop thinking about girls?

thinking about her
Don’t know how to stop thinking about girls? This article will surely help you. You came across a beautiful girl and were stunned to see her pretty smile. All day long, you think about a girl you just met. Confused and all consumed in day dreaming about her. Further in this article all your confusion would go away. 

Can’t stop thinking about a girl I just met? 

how to stop thinking about girls

Single af :

Being single makes you anxious and desperate and so you badly want someone in your life. That feeling of loneliness is killing you from inside and so you want someone with whom you can share your feelings. Her mesmerising beauty, pretty smile and gorgeous eyes has drawn you crazy and you think of her as a perfect partner.

Can’t ignore her :

She is so attractive that you couldn’t resist from falling for her. Any guy would fall for her and this makes you anxious. You are so curious to know more about her. You want her so badly that thought of her is all over your mind. 

Her personality :

She has a very appealing personality. Some people have a big impact on you. The way she talks, the way she expresses, the way she cares drives you crazy. Thinking about her day and night is now have become your habit. 

Biggest crush :

Being a single men, your crush changes from time to time. But she somehow managed to become your biggest crush ever and this makes you think about her more. Why does she have so much impact on you? Is she more than a crush? Why is she different from other girls? Questions like this are now pouring your mind. 

Thinks she is the one :

Single from ages. Now found a girl who is more like you and different from others. You know less about her but feel like you know her from ages. You connect with her in seconds. It’s odd for you to connect so easily with someone. It’s hard for you to connect easily and with her it’s just magical. You can’t stop thinking about her as this is something very unusual. You finally found that person.

How to stop thinking about girls and relationship?

Relationships are part of our lives but definitely not our life

1.Focus on your career :

If you are a student then you are at peak time of your career. To succeed well in life, you should be more focused. Girls are not distraction but constantly thinking about them won’t help you in good way. You should not waste your time on thinking about someone who don’t value you. 

2. Spend more time on yourself :

Spend time doing things you love to do. When we fall for someone we lose our own identity to be good in their eyes. Do things you love to do to keep yourself consumed and not to think about her. Explore yourself and try to be happy. 

3. Don’t stalk her :

If you really want to stop thinking about her. You ought not to stalk her. It’s difficult to resist yourself but you have to do it. Delete her number or photos or anything you think would remind you of her. 

4. Realize your self worth : 

Relationships are not easy to handle. People try to be a person or pretend to be a person that they are not. In the process of impressing others, they tend to lose their self worth. They don’t realize how much they got involved in someone that they forget about themselves. Try to avoid this condition, in relationships and friendship. 
If a girl friendzoned you. Understand her intentions and reasons behind it. Maybe she is already in a relationship or doesn’t like you. You have to see the signs and move on with your life. Realize your importance and move ahead. 

5. Don’t fool yourself :

Who you are trying to fool. In one way or around only you would be affected. You are sad, feeling alone, depressed, feeling worthless and the other person, smiling and having fun with friends. Don’t be mad in love, accept the reality and try to get over it. Inbuilt some positivity, see things in a better way. Without her also your life can be amazing. There are millions of girls out there looking for a partner, you have lots and lots of options, just don’t be disheartened. 

6. Stay with family :

Don’t know how to stop thinking about girls? Family and friends play crucial roles in life. But we are so consumed in our own problems that we tend to avoid the most caring people of our lives. We tend to find love in the outside world when we have such a loving and understanding family. 

7. Start interacting with other girls :

Never be a ‘devdas’ , you have your whole life ahead. Why to waste it on someone who doesn’t care about you and your feelings. Start moving on by interacting with other girls. Try to know them better. 
Tip : Never compare other girls with her. If you do so, it would become harder for you to get over her. 

8. Be more social :

Nowadays we are so surrounded by social media that one can never lonely. So many apps, games ans sites are available on the internet to stay occupied all the day. Even we have a bunch of dating apps. So, get out of that sad avatar and start with a good profile on one of the dating app.

9. Avoid bad habits:

Ok this, would be a turning point for anyone. Sad and depressed is fine doing bad things in the name of depression is not justified.

Tip : Remember all the good and bad memories with her and cry for once and get over it.

alone boy

Telling a girl you can’t stop thinking about her :

This may go wrong. You don’t know how she would react. She may find you desperate or feel pity for you. People are bit insensitive nowadays, be sure before expressing out so bluntly. As you may get hurt in this. 

Desperate : What if you tell ‘you can’t stop thinking about girls’ she may tag you with ‘desperate’. But it’s up to you how you can turn the things in your favour. 

Don’ts :

Text her every minute :

You think about her day and night. But does she feel the same? You have to calm yourself. Texting her every minute won’t increase her speed of texting but in return this could be a big turn off. 

Give her personal space :

When someone feels like you are intriguing in their personal space, they would start maintaining some distance from you. So it’s better to know your limits and what to say and when to say.

Don’t be clingy :

Texting her, calling her, asking her the same thing again and again would irritate her. She would find you clingy. No girl wants a clingy boyfriend who keeps check on her every time.

Don’t threaten her:

Nothing could be worse than this. Threatening her is no solution. She will never accept you if you ever try to threaten her. Relationship is between two individuals with mutual understanding so how long you can keep a relationship by threatening her? A big ‘no’ to this.

Don’t abuse her :

Abusing her for rejecting you is not fair. You like her, maybe she doesn’t. But abusing her, accusing her won’t make her say ‘yes’. You are not insulting yourself but insulting your feelings by turning your love into obsession.

Do’s :

Be expressive but without sounding desperate :

Express her about your feelings, true feelings. Never fake or pretend to be someone that you are not in reality. Don’t tell her ‘you would die without her’ this is not romantic at all. Rather it’s desperation.

Show your care :

Be more concerned about her. Try to understand her and be the man she can rely on. Tell her you are his reason to smile: Tell her you get sad when you don’t see her. You are the reason for your happiness in his life. 

Ask her if she can meet :

Meet up and tell her how crazy you are about her. If she agrees to meet that means somewhere she also likes you and is interested in you. Express your emotions and true feelings to her. 

Take permission before calling:

You don’t want to call her when she is busy and piss her off. It’s always better to take permission before calling as a good gentleman. 

Respect her decision :

She might not be interested but if you really liked her then accept her decision. You can’t force anyone to be with you. Love is what happens naturally without any prior notice.


how to stop thinking about girls

This article on how to stop thinking about girls, might help you. You can’t control your feelings for someone but you can’t spend your life feeling rejected. Not being with her drives you crazy but life is all about forgetting and moving ahead with a new start. Learn how to let go bad things and adapt good things in life. Loving yourself first would be your ‘mantra’. 

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