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love bite

What does love bite or hickey means?

Let’s not go by the google meaning of love bite. So basically, love bite means he’s gotten so carried away with his passion for you that he wants to mark you as “his own”.

Love bites are an obvious sign of romantic possession.

How do you give the perfect love bite?

girl and boy enjoying perfect date together

You don’t want to ruin things with your partner. What if you didn’t do it properly? You are not good enough? You upsets your partner?

Most of you have this question in their minds. So it’s better to be prepared rather than facing an embarrassment. 

To give someone a love bite, firstly you should know if your partner is comfortable or not. You can check it by gentle sucking first. So to give a perfect love bite, place your mouth in ‘O’ shape over your partner’s skin. Usually on the neck or any other part with soft skin. 
Now suck that portion of skin hard for around 30 seconds, this will give bruise and like this leave your love mark on your partner.

Do’s :

Be confident

Be soft

Play with hands

Harder you suck, deeper would be the mark

Dont’s :

Don’t bite

Without a foreplay, it would be a mark without a memory

If you want things to be more intense, use your upper front two teeth. Bite a little from it in intervals to give a deeper and more intense mark on your loved one.

Things you should know before giving love bite: 

1.Most common site is neck

Why? It is an easily accessible and visible area. People give love bites as a mark of love and some love to show it off. 

In general you can give it anywhere. It’s an expression of love and passion towards your partner. 

2. Psychology behind giving love bite

When you are so passionate about someone, you want to mark them as yours only. Out of love you give them passionate hickey on their body as your sign of love. 

Hickey or love bite craze is more common among teenagers. They give it on neck of their partner to show off their happy and exciting physical love life. 

More often it’s about ‘how well your night spent’. It’s proof of a happening night. Teenagers wear it as a pride to show off among friends. 

It’s not like adults don’t give hickey. They do love giving them to their partner but choose not to show. 

3. How does love bite forms? 

People find the neck as the most seductive part of the body to give a love bite. Love bite is passionate kissing or sucking the skin. 

There lies small blood vessels known as capillaries which break down in intense sucking and blood flow out from those capillaries to surrounding tissue. 

Now clot or bruise is formed just beneath the skin and tends to appear red in the beginning but as time passes there is lack of oxygen and so bruises turn bluish in color. 

4. Painful? 

It depends on how intense the love bite was. Sometimes people got so involved in giving a love bite that they forget this might hurt the other person. But some say that’s what they are trying to do. 

And if you are trying for the first time, there are a lot of chances you would hurt your partner. As a beginner, you might involve your teeth and which could be painful as hell. 

5. Can it transmit any disease? 

I’m no one to scare you. But can love bites really transmit any disease?

So let’s see it through science, love bite involves saliva and as we all know saliva can transmit disease. 

Same applies for kiss, there are several oral lesions that transmit via saliva, most common is kissing lesion. 

How to get rid of a love bite? 

1. Makeup :

makeup for hiding hickey

Everyone nowadays is a make-up expert. So why not to use it in different ways. What do you do when you get an unwanted pimple on your face? Concealer! Yes. So if a concealer can hide that, it can hide your mark also. 

Apply a good amount of concealer on the area and merge it properly with your skin. 

Tip : use a concealer similar to your skin tone as you don’t want it to look different from the rest of your skin. 

2. Remove it with toothpaste :

It’s actually a diy. It works for most people. Take a gentle amount of paste and rub it over the skin. Leave it for a few minutes then wash it with lukewarm water. Soothing effect of the paste will help in subsiding the mark. If Mark stays, repeat the procedure after 12hrs.

3. Aloe vera :

aloe vera for hiding love bite

Aloe vera has soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, which when applied would do wonders. Take some amount of aloe vera gel on your hands and massage it over the area in clockwise motion. Repeat it several times in a day to speed up healing. 

4. Ice pack or Spoon :

You can apply an ice-pack or cold spoon over the affected area. For a cold spoon, put the spoon in a refrigerator for 15min then take it out and place it over the affected area. Cooling effect would give you relief and less pain. Repeat the procedure and to get instant results, apply extra pressure on the spoon. 

5. Brush:

Use a brush, not a regular one but the one with soft bristles. Now rub the brush over the affected area in circular motion. This will increase the blood circulation and helps in subsiding the mark. 

Don’t apply too much pressure. If you applied too much pressure and reddened the skin then apply an ice pack over it. But it’s better not to overdo. 

6.Turtle neck top :

wear turtle neck top to hide love bite

I can understand these things require time and will take around 3-4 days. So why to make so much effort when you can simply hide it. 

Wear those long turtle neck tops and sweaters and move around carefree. 

7. Scarf :

elegantly wear scarf to hide love bite

In case you don’t have anything with a turtle neck then there is no need to worry. Everyone has scarves and stole, cover it up smartly with it. Adapt some fancy way to style your scarf along with your dress and look stylish and happening. 

FAQ’s :

1.How does love bite look like? 

Ans. Love bites are usually bluish-red in color. For some it looks awful but it seems as a sign of a well spent night. Most favourable site for most people is the neck. From a public pool we concluded that ‘people love to show off their love bites’. 

Darker the mark, more intense would be the bite. 

2. Where to give love bite to a girl? 

Ans. First and the most important, your girl should be comfortable with getting a love bite. You can check it by gentle sucking first. 

So, the most loved site for love bite by a public pool for girls is the neck. You may call it their weak spot. Start with a little foreplay then slowly go out for the neck through the ears. If you don’t want to show off the love bite then the second most preferred site is the breast. Men love breasts and you can give love bites there without any problem of hiding for a girl. 

3. Why love bites are embarrassing? 

Ans. Everything has its cons, same is with love bites or hickeys. Some find hickeys as inappropriate to society. People judge you for having it and this may disturb someone. It would be embarrassing to go out with friends when you have a lot of hickeys in your neck and shoulders. You definitely can’t see your parents with a hickey on your neck. And it’s very difficult to get rid of it. 

4. What does it mean if a guy gives you a love bite? 

Ans. Love bites or kiss mark or hickey are the signs of marking someone as your own. It shows that your partner is already taken and your passion towards your partner. You may like it or not. You might get turned off or it would be painful for you. If a guy gives you a hickey for the first time and you didn’t like it, please tell it to your partner. You should be comfortable in getting it or unless it’s just a mark without any good memory. 

You are no different if you don’t like hickey. 

5. Why do we give love bites? 

There is no perfect answer to this question. Some enjoy giving love bites and some don’t. It’s a personal choice. We give love bites to show our love for someone, our passion for someone, our desire to keep them close to us, to let them have our feelings in their body.

Love bites are actually a good reminder of the time spent with your partner. You want your partner to remember you with that mark on their body and how good you both are with one another. You want your partner to feel you when you are not there with them. 

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