What to do when a girl blocks you on whatsapp?


You were talking to the girl of your dreams. But maybe you were not her dream charming. You were shocked to see that girl blocks you on whatsApp. Who on this earth wants to see this. You are awestruck to see this. Further in this article I will explain what to do when a girl blocks you on whatsApp.

What does it mean when a girl blocks you on whatsApp?

No more interested in you:

Okay so. she gave you her number but that doesn’t mean she likes you. Maybe she was giving you a chance to fulfill her criteria of lover. 

When you interact with new individual, two things can happen after she gave you the number :

1st she found you interesting in the beginning but that interest didn’t last for long. 

2nd she found you interesting in the beginning and in later days her interest in you grows  and this could lead your relation to somewhere.


She is bored :

You are so happy to finally get her number. But you didn’t know you were her time pass only

Talking all day and night, sending kiss emojis and that late night talks. You thought it to be special but what was special for you, might not for her. 

She talked till she wanted to. When she was bored of you she blocked you. It’s hard to digest when a girl blocks you from whatsapp without any good reason.

She likes someone else :

Liking someone is not under our control. You don’t even realise how much you like someone? But does that person like you the same way as you do. 

You like her and admire her. But that lady may like someone else. But couldn’t tell you as this might hurt you, so she blocks you to avoid that awkward conversation.


You sounds creep to her :

When you first started chatting on whatsApp everything was fine. But later, you find her replying late. 

Sometimes you say things or do things that look and sound creep to others. You won’t even realise, you were sounding creep and this thing is pushing her away and she simply adds you into her block list.

You are more clingy :

Being single for a while and that girl is blowing your mind away. You do and say things that are too clingy for her. 

Tip : Girls avoid men who are clingy in any way. They like men who are not creep and not at all clingy.

How to know you are clingy?

Texting too much
Texting her long paragraphs
Keep on asking her whereabouts
Keeping an eye on her
Stalking her
phone beeping with questions

Too emotional

She is not looking for something serious like you. You are too vocal about your feelings for her.


You are too emotional and sensitive. This might scare her out as she might not want anything serious. She starts to avoid your messages.

She slowly pushes you away from her as she can’t face that awkward conversation with you and so to avoid that she blocks you.

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You upset her :

When you were trying hard to find why a girl blocks you on whatsApp? The answer was right in front of you. 

You don’t know what might hurt her. Maybe she is upset with you and blocked you. 

It’s now become a trend to block one another. It’s now an expression of anger. 

girl blocks you on whatsapp for upseting her

She don’t find you loyal :

It’s difficult to build trust on anyone. She is finding it difficult to trust you. When there is no trust there is no relation. She blocks you as she can’t trust you as a person. 

And for her loyalty matters the most.

She is angry too a level that she blocks you on whatsapp :

Arguing and fighting on little things are okay. But when things go out of control, your mind takes over things. She is so furious that she can’t stand your messages. Your long tail paragraphs are now annoying her. 

Blocking was the only option for her to show her anger and how hurt she is.

when a girl blocks you on whatsapp that means she is angry

How to make up things better if she’s blocked you?

Try to contact her by calling her :

When you don’t know the reason for her to block you, it’s your right to know. Call her immediately before she blocks you from calling also. 


Try to talk to her and know the reason behind blocking. 

If she has already blocked you from calls then I advise you to call her from another number. Don’t irritate her, just ask her to talk to you just for once. 

If she agreed then make the best use of that one chance. 

Try to know what’s going on in her head and let her talk more. Analyse the whole situation and then speak up.

Tip : think before you say, as it’s your last chance. One bad move and she will block you from calling also.

call when a girl blocks you on whatsapp

Drop a text on her phone :

If she has blocked your number and asked you not to call from any other number, respect her decision and don’t call her from any number. 


But it would be unfair for you to leave without knowing a reason. So just go to your phone’s message box and type a hefty amount of text and then drop it. 

Don’t be that rapid message machine just wait for her to reply for some time. If she texts back then there is a hope she would unblock you. And if she doesn’t, just let it be.

Try to contact her friend as a mediator :

If she is not ready to talk to you on the phone or not responding to your texts. I advise you to contact one of her good and reliable friends for help. This may solely be how that mediator works in your favour. You should be convincing enough to let that mediator pitch for you.

Accept your mistake :

A wise man once said it’s okay to be sorry just be with that person when actually you are not. No matter who is right, who is wrong. Accept the fact that she got hurt and say sorry for hurting her. 

You don’t want some silly fight ruining all your efforts. Just talk to her and apologize for whatever you have done or said and tell her how important this relationship is for you that you just can’t let one fight ruin it.


Be ready to do anything to get her back :

Once you confront how sorry you are and how badly you want her back in life. Just tell her you can do whatever it takes to make things better for you both. You are ready to do anything to fix this up as she matters the most to you.

Write a hand written note :

Hand written notes may sound cliche in now a days, but i guess it’s the best way to express what you actually feel.

List is here, for reference.

when a girl blocks you on whatsapp write a beautiful handwritten note

Give her some time :

After all the efforts you have to give her some time to think. From calling to texting to including a mediator you did your best,now everything depends on her, what she wants and how she would react. Don’t be anxious, give her some time to think. It’s not easy to just sit and wait.

Accept and move on :

You did everything to make things work again but sometimes this is not what she wants. Maybe she is over you and doesn’t want to give another chance and that’s okay. It’s her choice in the end, you can’t force someone to be with you


So accept the reality and move on.

I say you can love her without having her. It’s difficult but it’s the only good choice you have right now. You can’t stop missing her and loving her and it’s fine, it’s okay. Continue to love her but don’t forget to enjoy and live your life to the fullest.

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