Live in relationship

live in relationship

Title says live in relationship, I say living the best life. When we are in a relationship, we tend to do things beyond our reach. We try out everything possible to grow your relationship. 

One thing every couple wants to do would be live in relationship. 

What is live in relationship?

Two people who live together without getting married and enjoying their individual freedom and live in a shared household as that of a married couple. 

live in relationship

Is live in relationship a good idea? 

Why do people want to live in relationship? 

Spend more time together

Usually we get very less time to spend with our partners. Most of our time we are busy with our work and day to day life that your relationship is left somewhere behind.

Next step in a relationship

When you are in a relationship for too long, everything seems to be the same. There’s boredom in your relationship and to invade the new excitement, what else is better than to live in a relationship.

Fear of huge commitment not ready for marriage

Marriage is a big step in everyone’s life. It’s like taking a step full of responsibility, but kind of a responsibility you are not willing to take. So to avoid that daily nagging of their partner, they suggest that they let’s move in first and then think of marriage, which is a rare case. 

To check compatibility

Marrying someone or spending your whole life with one person is a huge decision to make. So you want to be sure about it and living in a relationship is the best alternative to marriage. And in case there is an issue between a couple so they can separate easily without any legal matter. 

 Understand one another

People spend years together and never understand each other. Living together and staying together gives you the better chance to know your partner well enough to take rest of the big decisions of your life.

live in relationship

Pros of live-in relationship :

1 Lesser responsibilities

2 Enjoy life

3 Have a good sexual life

4 No legal interference

5 Can separate easily

6 No family pressure

7 Financial freedom

8 Test for marriage

9 Spend more time together

Cons of live in relationship :

1 Not a stable life

2 People will question you social censure

3 Fight could end up a relationship easily

4 Lack of commitment

5 Feel suffocated – always together

6 Craze finish after marriage excitement over

7 Financial issues 

Live in relationship Vs Marriage :

Definition of marriage according to law :

The legal status, condition, or relationship that results from a contract by which a man and a woman, who have the capacity to enter into such an agreement, mutually promise to live together in the relationship of Husband and Wife in law for life, or until the legal termination of the relationship.

Definition of marriage according to hindu mythology :

It is a union between a masculine and feminine entity with commitments to pursue Dharma, Artha (possessions), Kama (physical and other desires) and Moksha (the liberation) in unison.

When two people when committed to be in a marriage they are tied up along with their families. It is full of responsibilities and complete commitment to one another. Actually it’s more like two families are tieing up. This raises more responsibilities towards your marriage. You no longer think of yourself but now you have a family to take care about.

Marriage in the beginning is like some sweet romantic fiction. But dear, time spares no one. With time your attention divides among things other than your partners. You are more focused and concerned about your family that you don’t even realise this is creating differences between you both. 

Having a child

Having child is the big step in a marriage. You are blessed to have a child in your life. Now things are changed, your first priority is your child. When a child comes into your life, your world goes around him only and you forget to cherish your own marriage life. Distance was already created in these years and now you are more into a relationship just for your child.Fights are now increased as you don’t get enough time to understand one another. Family and responsibilities were so much in your life that you somewhere didn’t get time to understand your partner. Indian woman are called be the ‘sacrificer’. They just bear all this fighting humiliation just not to break this marriage. 

Major drawback of marriage would be you are bound into a broken relationship. You want to go out of it but you are bound because of your child, responsibilities, social censure. People find it so easy to judge and pass comments on others. These kinds of things stop you from crossing out that line you have created. 

Divorce :

when you decide to come out of an unhealthy relationship, you will face lots of hurdles. Getting married is easy but getting out of the mess, well that is not easy. Getting a divorce is itself a full fledged legal case. There are a hell lot of requirements and formalities you have to make before even filing a case. 

In comparison to all of these, live in relationship is where you have your freedom and not bound in any sort of legal relationship. Here, you have less responsibilities as you are not committed to a legal relationship. You have your full freedom. When you are in live in relationship, both the partners enjoy their individual freedom along with a happy intimate life. When you are less bound, you enjoy and explore more in life. 

Live in relationship

It is more about exploring your relationship and your compatibility with one another. You both have plenty of time to understand one another and their nature. You can decide if you want to take this relationship to somewhere else or just have a break after some time. There is no family pressure on you. You can decide if you want to continue this relationship or not. 

Children :

when you are in live in relationship and blessed with a child, you are more like an independent parent. You have a responsibility for the child but not a burden. But in other scenarios, it would be difficult for your child to survive in this cruel world. People will call him by bad names. People will ask you a hell lot of questions. You have to face social censure. But worse could be, your child has to face it too. Getting not  married is your decision but you have to bring up your child to face such situations in future. 

Divorce :

You can easily separate without any legal interference. Whereas in marriage it’s quite troubling even filing a plea. In case of child custody in live in relationship it would be easy for both of you to mutually decide without any involvement of families and legal authorities. 

Is live in relationship is legal in India?

The recent judgment of the Supreme Court has illustrated five categories where the concept of live in relationships can be considered and proved in the court of law. Following are the categories:

  1. Live in relationship between an adult male and an adult female, both unmarried. It is the most uncomplicated sort of relationship
  1. Live in relationship between a married man and an adult unmarried woman, entered knowingly.
  1. Live in relationship between an adult unmarried man and a married woman, entered knowingly. Such relationship can lead to a conviction under Indian Penal Code for the crime of adultery
  1. Live in relationship between an unmarried adult female and a married male, entered unknowingly
  1. Live in relationship between same sex partners ( gay or lesbian)

The Court stated that a live-in relationship will fall within the expression “relationship in the nature of marriage” under Section 2(f) of the Protection of women Against Domestic Violence Act,2005 and provided certain guidelines to get an insight of such relationships. 

Also, there should be a close analysis of the entire relationship, in other words, all facets of the interpersonal relationship need to be taken into account, including the individual factors.

Legal result

The Court in this case affirmed that the relationship in the present case is not a “relationship in the nature of marriage” because it has no inherent or essential characteristic of a marriage, but a relationship other than “in the nature of marriage” and the appellant’s status is lower than the status of a wife and that relationship would not fall within the definition of “domestic relationship” under Section 2(f) of the DV Act. In this case, the appellant admittedly entered into a relationship with the respondent despite knowing that the respondent was a married man with two children born out of the wedlock who opposed the live in relationship since the inception.

The Court further added, “If we hold that the relationship between the appellant and the respondent is a relationship in the nature of a marriage, we will be doing an injustice to the legally wedded wife and children who opposed that relationship. Consequently, any act, omission or commission or conduct of the respondent in connection with that type of relationship, would not amount to “domestic violence” under Section 3 of the DV Act, as there is also no evidence of a live-in relationship between the appellant and the respondent as per the given guidelines”. 

The Court held that the relationship between the appellant and the respondent was not a relationship in the nature of a marriage, and the status of the appellant was that of a concubine. Furthermore, the Domestic Violence Act does not take care of such relationships which may perhaps call for an amendment of the definition of section 2(f) of the DV Act, which is restrictive and exhaustive.

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