Taken for granted meaning in hindi | 10 reasons people take you for granted


 Take for granted meaning in hindi :

Sahi mulay nahi janana

Taken for granted meaning in relationship  :

Taken for granted could be the tail end of a relationship. In this, one would feel his partner underestimate him as a person. This might shake up his courage and weaken his personality.

According to Psychology Today One popular piece of advice given by marriage counselors is not to take your partner for granted.

In a relationship no two people are alike. Both people have different personalities, perceptions, and different ways of thinking and taking things So, one might become more dominant in a relationship. 

A relationship is the one where both partners grow together to be their better versions. But such a relationship could hamper the expansion. So don’t let people take you for granted.

10 reasons why you’re being taken for granted in a relationship :

10 reasons why you are being taken for granted in your relationship

1. You’re too easy going for her

When you are in a relationship, you are on cloud Nine along with her. You feel like she is the most beautiful thing ever happened to you. You are so thankful to her to have you in her life. 

She feel taking someone for granted is no big deal.

You made her believe it would be difficult for you to leave her.

She may feel you are too much into her..

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2. Never questions her 

You are so obliged to have her in your life that you simply make her the boss of everything. You don’t ask her what she is doing? Where is she going? With whom she goes. 

You thought this may be intriguing in her personal space. But she took it as a pass to try and do anything. She doesn’t find it is important to inform you what she is doing or where she goes.

According to Lucy Vinestock If your partner is making little or no effort to involve you in their life, and pushes away from being involved in yours, you’re being taken for granted and they aren’t appreciating you as they should be.
He never question her


3. Too much available for her

You are a busy bee. But Still you are taking out some good time for her. But she thinks you are too much available for her. You are a one call away. But she thinks you have got nothing else to do.

You prioritize her, and she took it for granted


4. You do not fight back

I know you try to avoid fights by not arguing with her. You are a calm person and know the way to control anger, you know when to say and when to not. But your habit of not arguing back, makes them think you can’t fight back. 

5. Can’t say no  

You are so humble and innocent by heart. That it’d be a tough task for you to say no to her. You think saying no would hurt her. But dear, in this cruel word don’t let people take you for granted, sometimes we’ve to find out a way to say no.

 Don't let people take you for granted,learn to say no to them

6. You’re scared

As you have invested lots into that relationship that you simply are sacred to lose them as you are too much into that person. You love spending time with them so you are too scared to lose them in any way. You think that life would be incomplete without them.

7. Need someone

You think you need that person the foremost in your life. As you are in a way dependent on them that you start thinking you can’t live alone. 

You can’t make decisions for yourself. She is your support system.

 For you, she is your family and priority. But for this she may take you for granted.



8. Low expectations

Expectation hurts. You would possibly have experienced it in life. And then you expect less from people near you.

 For you, they’re with you and that is enough for you. You expect less which makes it is easy to harm you and take you for granted.


9. Always smiling 

People think you are smiling means you are happy always. But they are wrong, you do feel bad sometimes. Smiling all the time won’t prove that you don’t get hurt.

They think you are easy and won’t say no to anything. And sometimes people take you for granted. 


sad behind a smile

10. You love her and respect her 

Thing that stops you from taking any actions is your love towards her. You care so much about her that thought of arguing and hurting her, hurts you. Your too much love is the reason this relationship is going on. And the funny side is she knows how much you love her and how scared you are to lose her. 

taken for granted till death

People are taking other people for granted because they find them easy to handle as they don’t say for their rights. 


Taking someone for granted is easy. But you should stand up against it. It’s something you are doing for yourself. You don’t need to be aggressive, you need to be expressive about how you feel, and how you want to be treated. People may take you for granted but you should realize your self worth in a relationship.


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