Top 20 ways on how to make a girl like you

Like a girl madly but don’t know how to make a girl like you. So be yourself, support her, be her strength are few ways on how to make a girl like you.

                                  How to make a girl like you

1. Imperfectly perfect :

Be yourself. Don’t change to Impress her. Show what you’re, what you have got and what you’ll be able to do for’re perfect in your way.

2) Support her :

Support her in everything. Be a guide man for her. Women are strong enough but can become stronger if she encompasses a supportive partner.

3) Help her :

Help her out. Take the initiative to assist her. Don’t tell her she can’t do but encourage her to try and do things. Tell her you’re by her side to assist her in every situation. Be the person she will be able to rely on. Be that 1st person she would call in an emergency. Be her man.

4) Be her strength :

Strength not in terms of physical but emotional and mental also. Girls face problems throughout their life. Their struggles are different and sort of a good partner you ought to indicate her as her strength and not as her weakness.

5) Tell her how much you love her :

There is no perfect timing, place or situation no one shares your love for her. Be expressive together with your words and actions. Randomly say you like her, she’s going to blush out. No single day can define your love.

Couple walking in the beach,hand in hands under a beautiful sunset

6) Make her feel special :

Every girl loves surprises. Make her day special every day. From writing notes to hand made gifts to a movie date. Do everything for her. Make her feel special like everyday is valentines day

7) Trustworthy to her :

Trust is the pillar of any relationship. Once it’s shaken, it’s at stake for the full life. Never deceive her, regardless of what you have done just tell her, she might understand.

8) Respect her :

People say they love her and might do anything for her. But my request to each man here, a woman wants nothing much than respect during a relationship. Respect is the only thing every creature desires. If you do not respect her she won’t love you.

9) Be a humble person :

Nowadays a woman prefers a man who is humble to others over macho man. The one who values another person and respects another person.

10) Looks :

Not primary but today’s date looks does matter. And if you’re endowed good looks and have a humble nature then Bingo! You win bro. The best combination within the industry.

11) Make her feel comfortable :

Never talk or put her in a situation where she would feel uncomfortable. Always try and make her feel comfortable. Hint: if a woman is comfortable in meeting you in her pj’s then bro! She is yours already.

12) No harm in little obsessiveness :

No girl likes restrictions. Don’t put any restrictions on her, they already might have been facing lots from their family. Be mad when she talks to another guy, tell her you get jealous and this makes me stress about losing you. Tell her how bad you are feeling but you will not stop her from talking but do ask her to take care of your feelings also.

13) Compliment her :

Compliment her when she walks out in her red dress with big earnings and wearing those shimmery Stilettos gifted you. Trust me she dressed up for you only. Compliment her for her effort.

14) Adore her :

From her chick look to sporty look to geek look. Love her and adore her in every way. Love her even in her PJ’s also.

15) Love Letter :

Old cliche but work. Written words create an impression in which spoken words couldn’t. And if your girl is a book lover then Win Win!!!!
A letter would be a game-changer for you…
Trust me
But do have a look at the other articles also.

16) Never Judge :

In her life and throughout her life she would face judgment from everyone. Logon ka kaam hai bolna. Let others judge. So be that person her life with whom she would feel relaxed, comfortable and an area where people don’t judge and she may be a free bird.

a couple kissing under a sunset and promising not to judge one another

17) Remember her little things :

You know girls are a bit sensitive. Tip: hear her carefully to whatever she says. She would love once you remember her little things.

18) Go out along with her :

Go on a movie date, lunch night or long drive date. Just move out and celebrate together with her. Make the best out of these moments. Tip: Never, I repeat Never ask her to get ready fast. this might annoy her to the next level.

19) Travel together :

Who on this earth hates traveling. Travel together, go camping, go on trips with friends. Do things she would like to do. Show interests in her interests. Show her importance among your friend circle, include her in your decisions.

20) Cook for her :

Way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Who says, this may not apply to women. Women love when their man cooks for them, what if it’s Maggie only.

food is the ultimate idea of making a girl like you

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