How to get over someone you love so much?

how to get over someone you love so much

Did you just have a heart break? Don’t know how to get over someone you love? You gave everything to that person but all of your efforts just went into vain. Loving someone with your heart is everything for you. You gave your 200, but is it worth it? 

If you have googled it then it means you’re able to fight this and get over to this. As this thing isn’t letting you go.

I understand what you must be feeling, it’s hard .
Losing someone close to your heart is the most hurtful thing. But letting you suffer for somebody won’t do any good to you.

So, let’s look into things you need to work on:

1. Analyze the relationship :

You were in a relationship, for you it’s like a fairy tail. But is it the same for the other person? You were always there for them but were they? You always prioritize them, did they?
Everyone thought it to be in a perfect relationship. Really was it?

There are many questions you have got to ask yourself.

2. Mistakes :

Did you guys fight a lot? You guys had trust issues. Always arguing. Not listening to one another.

These are a some things we all avoid for the sake of relationships. We thought everything would be fine soon. But did you just avoid the signs of unhealthy relationships?


3 Reason :

What was the reason for the break up? You’re upset because the love of your life isn’t any more with you. But was it really the one you were awaiting ? Realize what made you both break up. Was it your fault?

Both partners are depressed and don't know how to get over

What do people do wrong?

A depressed girl sitting alone and know how to get over someone you love

1. Thinks now everything is over

2. Everyone is same

3. Indulge themselves into bad things

4. Become arrogant

5. Thinks alcohol will do anything good.

6. Thinks they are alone.

7. Stay disconnected with friends.

8. Thinks this happens to them only

9. Difficult to overcome

What people should actually try:

1. Self love

Self love is a must. Whether you are in a relationship or just had a break up. You should know your worth.

2. Don’t try to contact your ex

Most of us try to get back to ex. But you have to understand when it’s over means it’s over. Hanging around a broken relationship is not worth investing.

3. Be positive

It’s not easy to forget. You will heal with the time. But never try to defame the other person. Try to look at the happy part of a relationship.

4. Avoid indulging into bad things

You think now you need something to rely on and alcohol seems to be an easy option. But is it so?
It won’t help you in getting over someone.

5. Cry once and get over with this

Don’t keep things inside you. As I will burst up one day. Don’t pile up things, just cry once and get over it. Why to be sad for someone, who didn’t care about you getting hurt.
That person must be smiling, chilling and happy and look at yourself broken, sad, hopeless. This is not what you deserve.

A man trying to hide his tears in a dark room

6 Give time to yourself

Don’t panic around. Things will get better. This phase will be over soon.
Have faith in yourself. Love yourself.
Try to find happiness inside you.
Give time to yourself.

7. Do things you would love to do

‘I wish I could read that book or could watch that or could do that’
Why wish? Now it’s time to give to yourself. Now you can give 100% to you only and do things that you love to do without any restrictions. There is no one to stop you.
So invest in yourself, pamper yourself, grow for good. Nourish yourself.

8. Contact to people

Staying in a room all the time. Not talking to anyone. Very less active on social media. Staying low all the time.
These are few things you need to avoid.
Try to contact more people. Share your feelings with them.

9. Happy space

Try to forget negative things. Have a bigger aspect in life. Try to forgive people. You have only one life so live it your fullest.

Adapt good things

1. Start interacting with people
2. Start trusting people
3. Be happy
4. Enjoy being you
5. Spread happiness




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