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You saw her today but don’t know who she is and from where she is? So how will you search her in social media? One simple solution of stalking : Happn. But many of you don’t know how to use happn? Further in this article i will give complete guide on how to use happn.


Follow these simple steps to know with whom you have crossed your way and have a little romance in life. 


1. Happn app download :


For Android users : play store

For ios users : apple Store


2. Open the happn dating app :

When you open the app window like this will appear on the screen. 
Happn dating app used for stalking people you've crosed paths with.
Sing up via facebook or phone number.

3. Set up your happn account 


 1. Name :

Happn create account in the happn dating app
Screen like this will appear on your phone, you have to fill your name and then click into continue. 

2. Date of birth :

happn dating site

In the above screen, fill up your date of birth and then click continue.


3.  Identity :

Fill identity for happn account.

 Next, choose man or woman and click continue. 


4.  Confirm your account :

happn dating app

Make you account more secure, by adding your email address into it. So that you don’t miss any notification


 4. Customize your happn profile :

Profile photo is added to happn create account

Things to keep in mind:

Add 5-6 photos of yourself. 


1. Avoid putting photo of any celebrity, you don’t want it to look fake. 

2. Be original : add photo without a filter

2. Don’t add any group photograph

3. Smile in every photograph

5. Happn dating site Q/A :

Answer these simple questions for a better outlook of your profile. 

1. What are you looking for on happen? 

• A relationship 

• Nothing serious 

• I’ll know when I find it

Answer this question according to what you are looking for on happn.

2. How tall are you? 

This may not sound important to you but in future you don’t want to end up in meeting a person shorter than you. Do you? So fill it accurately. 

3. What are your exercise habits? 

Three option will appear

• occasional exercise
• exercise all the time. 

• enough cardio to keep up

It’s important if you are a gym freak and want a partner with similar taste. 
4. Which answer best describe your cooking skills? 
 • I’m a microwave partner•  I’m a delivery expert•  I know a few good recipes•  I’m an excellent chef
5. What two words best describe your ideal vacation? 

Hiking and backpacking

•  Deckchair and sunscreen


• Museum and postcards. 

6. When it comes to the nightlife 

• I’m in bed by midnight

• I party in moderation• I’m a night owl 
Happn dating site can access your location.
 Screen like this will appear, allow access to you location. Click on ok, let’s do it and your are ready to explore. 

6. Ready to explore

Happn is the online ating app for stalking people around you. 
In the bottom you can see 5 things
Starting from the left
First one is where you will browse profiles within a range of 20kms.
Second one is the notification icon
Where you will get 3 hello free at the time of log in. 
Happn is one of the best dating app in india

Third one is the explore icon
Where you can explore people within few miles. 

Fourth one is the message icon
Where you will get message once you got a new crush. 
Fifth one is the settings icon
Where you can see your profile and customize it. 

7. How this online dating app works

Once you find a profile. 

3 options are below his profile. • cross If you don’t like his profile click on this icon and move  to another profile. 


• heart If you like a profile you can send them a heart. If they click back on heart, then it’s a crush. And you can start a chat.

• hello If you really liked a profile and don’t want the person to skip your profile, you can send them a hello to get noticed. 

8. Happn account Settings

Settings option in happn dating app

When you click on settings, following options will appear. 
1. My preferences 

Where you will choose  
• what you want to find
• show people from age

• schedule invisibility

• privacy controls

Happn dating app settings


2.  Favorites

List of all the profiles, whom you have sent hello. 


3. Invite friends

To earn more hello, you can sent invites to your friends. After they log in, you will earn hello’s. 



4. App settings

Where you can manage your notifications and connected accounts.  


5. How to delete happn account

You can delete or pause your account if want to take a break. 
Go to 1. Settings
           2. My data
           3. Delete my account

How to delete happn account


5. Need help? 

Here you will 3 options

 • view the explanation again

• contact us

• see FAQ


9. Paid membership : Happn premium

Happy is a free app to some extent. If you want to enjoy all it’s policies, you just have to upgrade to happn premium to have all the romance in life 

Happn premium to have romance in life.

They give you 3 best offers for 1month, 6months and 12months.


 Enjoy happn online dating.

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