11 Signs you are being cheated on by your partner


Have you ever cheated on someone or being cheated on by someone you loveWhen you came into a relationship, being cheated on would be the last thing you want to happen with you. Relationships are not always prefect. Perfect is too overrated for a relationship.

A person can love you and still cheat you no matter how much you love them. With whom you are right now maybe is not meant for you. 

Forms of cheating :

1. Physical cheating

2. Emotional cheating

3. Cyber cheating

4 Text message cheating

Cheating in relationship quotes by Thought Catalog 

Never cheat on someone that is good to you. Karma is a bitch.

—Surgeo Bell

Cheating and lying aren’t struggles, they’re reasons to break up.

Patti Callahan Henry  

You didn’t just cheat on me; you cheated on us. You didn’t just break my heart; you broke our future.

—Steve Maraboli  

So, why do people cheat in a relationship?

Now, they seems to be less interested in you and the relationship.
For them it’s getting too boring.
Now a days we have lot of distraction and people get bored easily. 

It’s easy for them to cheat and be in ab unfaithful relationship. 

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Signs of being cheated on in a relationship:

1. She is ignoring you

You call her or text her out of love.
But most of the times she ignores your texts and took time to pick up your calls. But why?
What makes her take so long? You never thought about this?
From talking till 3 in the morning to 5min talks, things now are changing. 

Your long tail chats are now limited up to texts like ‘busy’ and ‘will talk later’ . 

Your meeting plans are now just once a week. She prefer to stay at home rather than going out with you.

2. She is hiding things from you

She is now lying to you. Where this is coming from? 

Whenever you try to interrogate her or question her, she always change the topic.
By saying ‘why you want to know’ ‘you won’t understand’ . 

This makes you think there is something wrong going on and you started loosing your trust on her.
Unfaithful partner is the reason that makes you think of being cheated on. 

man tries to question her but she is not listening

3. She is not letting you touch her things

Whenever you are clearing her mess and arranging her things, did she get angry?
Ask you to stay away from her things.
And you have no idea what wrong you have done. 

She is afraid of you finding out things she is hiding from you. Things like movie tickets, party bills or gifts she has got while cheating on you.

4. Always busy on phone

Not picking up your calls is her habit now.
Always talking to someone over phone and says it’s just a business call.
By the way, no one blushes over a business call. 

She ignores when you are talking to her.
Constantly beeping texts are now raising your BP. 

Thought like she is a cheat is constantly nagging your mind. 

A cheating wife is busy texting on her phone

5. Acts weird

Earlier you guys were the cute couple goals. People adore you both. You were the perfect couple.
But now, is she avoiding physical appearances with you? 

Avoid getting intimate. Hugging and cuddling are now irritating her.
The spark between you guys seems to be over. 

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6. More active on social media

From putting stories everyday to changing display picture constantly, something was changing. But you thought it to be normal. 

Let’s give you a reminder, 

Are you there in her photos or it’s just only her. 

Are those stories to close friends only?
Is she avoiding you on social media?
She is avoiding posting pictures with you? 

cheating wife texting and smiling

7. Hide her phone when you try to sneak in

You are upset from her not picking up calls, ignoring you, not listening to you and always being on phone.
This makes you anxious to know what’s in her phone. 

So you decided to ask her for phone but here she is ready with her excuses like it’s my personal space, Why you want my phone, don’t you trust me? 

And now whole blame game is on you and this make you think more of being cheated on. 

8. Online on WhatsApp

Getting a late reply or no reply, you are now habitual to this but what worrisome is when she is online after saying a good night to you.

Why she is online? Another business meeting? But she works from 9-5 .
Is she being the cheater in a relationship? 

There is nothing good that could come out of these questions

9. More into her looks

Earlier she doesn’t care lot about her looks. She says she is happy the way she is.

But now, she is more conscious about her looks. 

From wearing well ironed new clothes to applying good makeup. She is taking too much care of her appearance.
The way she dresses, it’s not her anymore.
She is changing, hope so, not for bad

cheating wife is more consious about her looks

10 More involved with her friends

Late night parties and Sunday branches are something that have now become part of her life. But are you part of that life? 

Did she involve you less? 

Tell you, that you don’t fit among them?
But, how come, now you are not fitting in there. This thing requires a thought. 

Partying all night with friends

11. Avoid talking about future

Earlier, she has also dreamt about your future house and where will you do your destination wedding.
But, Now is she avoiding all these things. 

Whenever she talks about future, are you even there?
Is she more into her future, her life and neglects you? 

Not considering you in her future is a direct sign of an unfaithful partner


You put your 200℅ into one relationship but
what if partner cheats on you, how come you know about this. Carefully examine your partner from her behaviour to her appearance, with the help of these signs and try to come out from unfaithful relationship. 


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