Why do people lies in a relationships?


Lies in relationships can destroy two life’s. People lie to avoid unwanted arguments, punishment, guilt and to hide something.

Why do people lies in relationships? 

There are usually 2 types of liars:First ::

The one who had done a mistake and already guilty about it. But couldn’t tell about it to his/her better half because it would ruin their relationship.

What people actually thinks?

They think it is the just one time they need to lie and won’t do again but they forget it’s attribute to adapt things which are easy to try and do. And lying initially is a simple job. But later in life, it took 100 more lies to cover one single lie.

They don’t want to ruin their relationship for one mistake. And promise themselves not to lie again. But we all know the next part of the story. 

It’s hilarious, we are human. Once we start telling lies, we won’t even realize when this would turn into a habit. Sometimes we would lie just to skip an argument or sometimes we lie to hide something fishy. 

truth and lies in relationships

Second ::

The one who has done tons of mistakes and is a professional liar but doesn’t desire to be caught as in some place he/she doesn’t desire to harm their partner.

What do people actually think?

According to these sorts of categories of individuals, lying may be an easy job for them and  they have lots of other lies already prepared just in case they got caught.

They think they will fool other people and handle multiple relationships at the same time.They are not bad people but their habit of lying and being good at lying is the reason behind everything. They have a decent Manipulative power.

According to Paul Ekman a well know psychologist : Learning to spot micro expressions is an important key to detecting deception as micro expressions often reveal hidden emotions.
people lie as they are manipulative liars

Signs that someone is lying ::

1.Body language2.Facial expressions3.Repeating the question again4.Confused5.Thinks twice before speaking6.Not able to give specific details

What wrong can lying do to your relationship?

1) Misunderstanding :

A lie is a lie whatever your intention would be. A lie is a wrong statement made to fool another person. Lies can lead to misunderstandings between two individuals. 

Misunderstanding is created when you provide wrong information or false information to another person. When you lie you automatically create more chances of misunderstanding. Lies in relationships can destroy lives.

2) Arguments :

Once you are caught while cheating and lying, be ready for the arguments. 

Arguments increase when you try to prove yourself right when in reality you were lying. Things would turn worse as these conversations proceed. 

3) Lack of trust :

Honesty is the basis of any relationship. Honesty means you are true about everything you say or do. Honesty helps in building up trust. 

Trusting someone is not that easy. It’s a long procedure. Some people take a lot of time to trust someone and when that person lies and breaks that trust. It breaks them also. 

It’s not easy to regain that trust. Like, a broken glass you can’t fix a trust by a glue.  When there are trust issues, relationships fall.

4) Poor bond :

When you lie to your partner, somewhere inside their heart they feel. I can say this as this happens with me also. When there is no honesty, lack of trust and lies in relationships, there will be poor bond between two individuals. 

These seem to be little issues but believe me it took no time for these small issues to become a bigger one. Lying can end your relationship.

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Lie in relationship could be a reason of broken relationships

What can you do to avoid lying ?

  • Be honest ::

If you have done something wrong then even be honest along with your partner so they might understand. Lie has his pair of feet and then or now it would reach to the right person. So why hide a truth, it will come out one day. 

  • Ask yourself what worst can happen ::

What worse can happen. Let’s check the scenarios that can happen :

  • Argument
  • Less talk
  • More fights
  • Breakup

But what if your partner came to know you were lying? Then also these things would come up. But if you are honest at first place, maybe they would understand and forgive you. 

Arguments occur in every relationship but that doesn’t mean you start lying to avoid arguments. Fights are common as relationships grow and it’s a stage where people start lying so as to avoid further fights. But you are doing wrong to yourself and to this relationship. 

  • Self analysis ::

Self analyse why you are lying? What is the reason that made you lie? Was lying even worth it. 

Realize the fact,  you can’t be in a happy relationship by simply lying to everything that could hamper your relationship. That’s not a relationship that’s a pool of lies. 

Why is there such a need to lie? Lying sometimes becomes a habit also. You find it easier to lie than to argue. You are so comfortable in lying that you forget your relationship won’t last long if we keep on lying. 

  • Avoid self justification ::

Stop confronting yourself. You are not doing good by lying. You might be hurting someone’s emotions by lying. There is no justification for lying. 

  • Practice acceptance ::

If you are caught lying, accept it and try to improve yourself. Mistakes are done by humans only. It’s always better to change for good. 

be honest in relationship

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