How to compliment a girl?

compliment girl

You should always compliment a girl as women never get satisfied in getting compliments. They love when people notice them, adore them, compliments them. Me myself loves when people compliment me for my looks, humour, intelligence and personality. Every girl loves that.                       

If you like a lady and want to impress her then follow these guidelines on how to compliment a girl:

1) Give her a warm look

Watching her all day and you never get bored. 

What to do when you are going to meet her up? 

Firstly, stay calm, this is your day and you will do great. So that beautiful girl is coming towards you. Your heart is pumping fast and you are lost within the depth of her eyes.

So once she is near you, take a deep breath and welcome her with a warm hello. During the handshake, slightly lean forward and compliment her for her beautiful eyes, her warmth and positive vibe she brings with her. That would definitely put forward a positive Impression on her. 

Remember : First hello, first talk, first compliment is utmost important as it reflects your personality and attitude towards her.

2) Start an informal talk

Are you an introvert? Or don’t know what to talk about with girls? Or get super confused in front of them?What if you ran out of topics? 

Start a good conversation with the topic of her interest. Let her talk more and this would give you a chance to adore her beauty. 

Keep your conversation going with some friendly topics. Acknowledge her ability and how beautifully she poetry her words. Don’t say out that obvious compliments she is tired of hearing, go for the one which she expects less.

Pro tip :

While talking stop her within the middle of conversation and say ‘ Sorry what are you saying? Pardon me, your voice took my mind away. ‘ Bit cheesy but no girl in the world would stop blushing.

boy compliment girl

3) Compliment her for her looks.

Beautiful girl is sitting beside you and you do not compliment her for her looks, it’s next to impossible. Don’t resist yourself from complimenting her. It’d look odd if a person says you have got a slim or skinny figure in your first meeting.

So you have to compliment her in a way you will not offend her is by telling her how amazed you are to see. Compliment her for her radiant and infectious smile, her amazing personality and how well she has maintained herself. Ask her about her mantra for a fit and healthy body.

Be honest and say or compliment her for what she is and how much you adore her. Compliment her not for her outer beauty but for her inner beauty also.

compliment her for her smile

4) Compliment her for her humour.

‘Beauty with brains’ is that the compliment every girl cherishes.

Every girl has their way of doing things and are good at various things. Adore her for her work, her humour, her nature and her Uniqueness. 

Be that guy who acknowledges her humour and compliments her for it. Take an effort to understand and appreciate the depth of her words which rests ignored.

5) Compliment her for her choices

Compliment her for her little wise choices she made everyday and her delicacy in everything. Respect her decision and appreciate her work. 

Ask her to suggest you in various places. Show her how important she is to you and the way much you value her suggestions. All these are cheesy but trust me girls do adore it.

compliment girl everytime

All these are cheesy but trust me girls do adore it.

5 Rules to follow when you are on a date ::

1) Never ask about her age. 

It’s true, trust me not on the very first date. She wonders why you are asking her? Is she looking old or too young? Is it something with her make-up? 

Unknowingly you might be conscious of her for her looks and appearance and she won’t feel comfortable and confident for the rest of the conversation.


2) Never praise another girl in front of your girl. 

Big NO, you just can’t do that. It’s the most annoying thing you can do. Never compare your girl with another girl especially not with any of your ex’s. This would make her think you are not interested in her and you are not good enough for her. 

I know you boys don’t do that intentionally but this thing hurt girls deeply. Trust me. 

3) Don’t ignore her, when she is talking to you. 

I Understand you can’t give your 100% attention 24*7. But dear, don’t ignore her when she is telling you something  that is important to her. Never ignore her, when she is talking about her family, I repeat Never. 

4) Don’t get indulge into your phone when you’re out with her. 

Guys are not that much into talking  and get bored when the topic is not of their choice. 

But playing games or using social media platforms in between a conversation is a disrespect to the person sitting next to you, irrespective of gender. 

5) Never ask her to get ready fast. (This annoys the most) 

As a girl, I tell you it’s the most annoying thing. Guys are a bit cool and not that bothered about their looks. They get ready fast as they definitely don’t do make up. 

But we girls are very particular about our looks and appearance and we don’t want to get ready but that procedure of getting ready took a lot of time. And in between you ask her to get ready and do things fast. This would really piss her off. 

So follow these few tips to impress her and I hope this article will help you. 



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