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finding happiness

I personally figured out this after so long . I always tried to find happiness in others, as in friends, family and in my better half. But later I realized no one is responsible for your happiness. 

No doubt, they give you happiness but that’s temporary, that’s from outside which lasts for that moment only. Once that moment is over, boommm you’re again sad.

So, exactly what is real happiness? 

In my terms, it’s your soul which should lighten up. If you feel good from inside you will definitely be happy and more cheerful.

Why are we not happy? Why are you looking for real happiness?

Overthinking :

The most common and relatable reason would be over thinking. If you are an overthinker then you have to work a lot on you. 


You are a type of a person who cares for others more than required. You start worrying about things which seem normal to others. Over-thinkers got themselves so involved in the problems that we forget about their own life. They hamper their health and mental state by overthinking things so much. 

This happens but we have to understand, worrying about a thing won’t help it. Try to calm yourself.

Depends upon others for your happiness :

You stay low the whole day, but have that one person who makes you happy. It’s good to have a person like this in your life. But your happiness is completely dependent on him/her, if they are happy you are happy, if they are sad you are sad. 

How is this justified to you and your happiness? 
Why is someone responsible for your happiness?
Why are you finding your real happiness in others? 
You need to ask these questions to yourself.

Undermotivated :

You think of yourself as an average person whose life is no more exciting and happening. You yourself underestimate your life. 

No one has a perfect life, everyone has their ups and downs.


Why do we want to be happy?

In life, each one of us has goals and dreams to achieve and happiness is the most common goal. We all dream of achieving success, money and fame till our 30’s and then want to live a happy life in our 50’s. 

Happiness is not what we can achieve like money. We can’t search happiness, it’s something that lies in all of us. 

Some say, once you achieve money, you have less worries and once you worry less and have everything in life you are automatically happy? As when people have less money, they are worried all the time and further not satisfied in life and not happy. 

How can someone measure happiness with the money and level of stress and worries. 

So, what is real happiness? 


The answer is already what we know, there is simply no reason to be happy. We can be happy while watching a movie, playing games, going out or reading your favorite novel. Why are there any specifications to be happy? 

Happiness is doing things that lightens up your soul and it is what comes from inside.

How do we get happiness?

1. Stay positive :

What is real happiness? Why are we looking for the answer? 

Question yourself, why is there even a need? 

Once you answer yourself, there is one thing you should adopt first is ‘to stay positive’. When you are positive in life and about things going around you, you are automatically happy. 


Positivity builts in your under confidence and helps you to think positively and be happy. It’s all in our mind if we want to be happy, we can. If we don’t, we just can’t. 

Don’t let your brain control you, you are a human with the capacity to control your mind and get along with it.

2. Contact more with people :

A study says ‘the fewer people you have in your life, the happier you are.’ Quality matters more than the quantity. Never get disappointed by the success of others. 

Don’t envy if your friends are more happier than you. This is maybe because you are so busy competing with them that you forget what you have and what makes you happy. 

It’s deep.


3. Don’t stay alone :

Staying alone is not bad but everyone needs that someone in life with whom you can share anything. 

Remember the movie ‘Into the wild’ the actor always wanted to stay alone and be happy. So he left his home with some money in his pocket and went into the woods. He stayed there, enjoyed and did everything that he always dreamed of and loved. But as days passed he somehow did not enjoy it anymore. 

But why? What’s the reason? 
He always wanted to do this, then why? 
Later, in the movie he himself realised why he is no more happy? 
He concluded that real happiness is sharing with others.

4. Live your life to the fullest :

People spend their entire lives in earning and achieving things and in all this they forget to enjoy their lives. 

We all run behind money, forgetting little happiness in life.

5. Live everyday as it is your last day :

We work hard in our present to make our future better. But who has seen the future. Live your life in the moment. Don’t keep it for the future. 


Enjoy every second of your life, as this time won’t come again.

6. Stop over thinking :

Over thinking will eat up your mind and won’t let your mind rest in peace. You will find mistakes in everything. 

Stop overthinking and enjoy life, experience things without thinking twice. What worse can happen? At least you would laugh once for your stupid decision. 

We live life once, then why think twice.

7. Find happiness within you :

Be your best friend. Share everything with yourself. Don’t sugar coat things to yourself. Don’t fool yourself. 


Be happy even when you did something stupid. Always try to find good and productive things. It’s the only mantra to grow in life and be happy. 

8. Learn to be happy :

Some people say they can’t stay happy. 

I mean who stays happy 24×7. You can’t be laughing all day around. It’s ok to be sad and quiet for some time. It’s completely ok. 

What is not ok is overthinking and feeling disgusting. You are a human, you will feel sad. It’s part of our emotions, sometimes we feel sad and sometimes happy. But staying sad for too long or moving on and being happy is our choice. 

So only you are responsible for your own happiness……….


FAQs :

1.How can we find real happiness?

Ans. There is no route or way of finding happiness rather than within yourself. If you feel like your smile is lost somewhere, just sit and think about what makes you happy. This can be anything like reading, dancing or singing and involve yourself in those things, keeping aside from all the negative thoughts.

2. What causes true happiness?

Ans. True happiness is understanding your values and the fact that nothing is permanent and no one is responsible for your happiness. Once you know what makes you happy you definitely have that true happiness in your life.

3.What is the secret to happiness?

Ans. Happiness is an inside job. One secret of happiness is living in the moment and experiencing new things. Another one is leaving behind all those negative thoughts and looking at your life in a positive manner. When your soul is happy, you are automatically happy.

4. Is happiness a choice?

Ans. Yes, definitely. Only you can keep yourself happy. Stop looking for happiness in people and things. Only you can control yourself. If you wish to be happy, you can be by controlling positive and negative thoughts.



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