How to talk to a guy for first time?


How to talk to a guy you like? Many girls take a step back while thinking about this question. I understand talking to someone who is your crush is weird. That unknown weird feeling is so strong that you refused to talk to him every now and then. 

People wait for the right time to come so they can talk. I personally feel there is no right time to talk. Whenever your heart feels the need to talk, just go and talk. 

How about your first meeting with him? Anxious? Confused? 

I have listed a few steps on how to talk to a guy you like… 

I hope this would help you,

1) Look Vibrant

As we all know, the first impression is the last impression. We all say looks don’t matter,  inner beauty matters.

I agree, yeah it does? 

But let’s face reality. What’s the first thing you notice when you see someone? Inner beauty?? No! It’s Personality. You should have a good personality in order to impress someone. 

When we first see a person we definitely go for looks. It’s the fact, which we can’t change. And who doesn’t want to look good and vibrant and the same we expect from our loving partner.. 

2)  Wear something comfortable

Wear a dress or plazo or pants or jeans or whatever you wish. Only thing you need to keep in mind is to be comfortable in it. 

You don’t want to wear a cloth which needs adjustment all the time. And your one side of mind would always revolve around your dress and nightmares that can happen. 

Avoid uncomfortable clothing and accessories:

  • Tube top :

If you were those regularly and comfortable in carrying it so go for it. Otherwise it’s not the first choice for a first date. These are difficult to carry as you always fear showing off some cleavage or falling off your top. 


  • Short dress :

You can’t sit comfortably in front of him and always pull it down. It would draw unnecessary attention and can make you feel awkward. 


  • High heels :

Wear your footwear according to the date. You can’t wear high heels when your date is in the park. Plus they are uncomfortable and not easy to wear for more than 3hours.


3) Start conversation by yourself

Men like women who approach them. Men like the attention.

Go and start a conversation with a simple hey and a side hug. This would create the atmosphere. He would feel more comfortable.

Boys somewhere resist in the first meeting. You can use it as an advantage. Take the lead of the meeting and make him feel more comfortable with you. 

how to talk to a guy for first time


4)  Don’t jump into question and answer section

You don’t want him to know all about you in one go. Don’t reveal everything about you. Let him talk more and dig out things from his mouth. 

Talk to him about casual topics, his interests. Who says boys don’t like attention??They just love it when a girl pays attention towards his interests for games, music and travelling. 

They love to talk and discuss their dreams, passion and interests, but Only with the one who would understand. Boys are very good at hiding emotions. 

Talk to him more and show interest in his life and things he does apart from his studies or job. Be that one girl they always wanted to have.

5) Be original 

Don’t argue if you don’t like cricket or football. But simply tells him you are not that big fan but you do adore people having such interests.

Don’t agree with him on everything he says but in return keep your perspective in front of him. Guys love girls who are intellectual and have their own perception. 

Show your real side from the very first meeting, don’t fool him by pretending to be someone else. Don’t let him like someone who you actually are not. 

cute conversation between couple

6) Be hard to get

Men are more competitive. Be mysterious and hard to get. Don’t reveal everything on the very first meeting. Reveal things with loopholes that he would crave to know. 

Show your both good and bad side. Everyone has a side they want to hide. Show him in the way that he wants to know more. 

Men love who are not easy to handle. They get attracted to the women who are full of mysteries.


7)Approach for next date

Usually men don’t expect this. And if it comes to them, it would be hard for them to say no. 

Compliment him and don’t ask but tell him the date and time of next meeting. There is no other option left for him rather than accepting your proposal of meeting.

It’s better to be prepared for the next date, as you never know what can happen. 

  • You would have a topic to have conversation over text or phone
  • Their will still remain that excitement
  • He would think more about you
  • Would eager to see you

I know you can do this. Wear that confidence and ask him for a date. 

Happy dating!

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