Silly fights | 10 ways to avoid silly fights in a relationship

silly fights in relationship


There is no relationship without fights, some are silly fights and some are serious one. What if one day you came home and had to face an silly fight on a topic you don’t even know.

So read these out carefully so not to stress out and avoid silly fights in a relationship.

ways to avoid silly fights in a relstionship

 How to avoid silly fights in a relationship?

1. Stay Calm

If the other person is furious then at least you stay calm. As anger won’t do any good in this. Anger management is uncommon among us. There are two types of people:

First, who can’t take anything on him and get angry as fast as you trigger. They have very less control on their mind and without understanding the situation burst out. 

Second, who first tries to analyse the situation and understand it before jumping into any conclusion. They understand the other person and why they are furious and try not to be like them as it would make things worse. 

How to be calm? 

  • Count in reverse order to keep yourself calm. Most of the people lose their temper as no one likes to be blamed but the smart one tries to remain calm first. 

  • Don’t come into any conclusion without knowing the whole situation

  • Try to understand the situation from another’s perspective.

  • Try to keep yourself in his shoes and then try to understand the situation. 


2. Evaluate the whole situation

While calming yourself, analyse the situation. Find the reason behind such a fight. No one is looking for an argument. There is always a reason behind a fight. 

Evaluate situations from both perspectives. What you think right could be wrong for your partner. Moreover, it’s not about who is right or wrong? It’s about how to react to the situation and how well you manage it without being into a big argument. It’s not easy to accept your mistake, few have that courage. 


3. Try to calm your partner

Calming your partner in this situation might be the most difficult task. But you have to accomplish it. Ask them to sit down and take deep breaths and be relaxed. Assure them you would answer all their questions but for that first they have to calm down.

Assure them you would be loyal and true to them. As you also don’t want this kind of fighting, which disturbs both of you. 


4. Listen to your partner

It’s a hard thing to listen to a person when that person sitting in front of you is blaming you for such silly fights. But as I said it’s their anger who is speaking. 

Be a smart one to listen to them first and then say in your defense. Listen to whatever they say carefully to have a good point in return. Don’t interrupt in between as that can make them angry.


5. Make them understand your point of view

Try to make them understand what you are telling. Being defensive is okay but arguing when you are wrong is not justified. It is wise to accept your mistakes when you are wrong and finish the topic sooner. What if you are right and they are not understanding your point of view. It’s the most common problem in every fight. 

You can do two things :

First, stick to your words and try to prove them wrong all day and night.

Second, be the smart one and accept the mistake and let this thing go off. 

Later is the most suitable option if you want peace. Let them be happy by proving you wrong and them right. When you personally know the truth, you don’t need any validation from them or from anyone else. 


6. Don’t be furious

If they are not listening to you, then leave but don’t be furious as it would ruin your rest of the day and that too without any reason. 

When a person  is angry they lose their ability to understand fast. It’s better to leave the place rather than being furious over a silly argument.


7. Don’t be physical

A Big NO. Just leave if you feel like things slipping away from your hands. It takes no longer for a fight to turn into physical abuse.

A relationship where things reach a level of physical abuse is worth reconsidering. You can’t hit someone, regardless of the gender. It’s against humanity. If you are of those types who can’t control their anger so please just move out. 


8. Avoid abusive language

Try to control your words. Don’t say anything about which you would have to regret in future. 

We live in a world where people use abusive words when they feel they are losing the argument. They want to insult them when they are left with nothing. 

We live in a world where in between an argument if you point your finger out to another person, the whole of the argument will flush out and now the topic would be ‘how dare you point your finger at me’. 

Stay away from such gestures and words. 


9. Take a break

It’s better to take a break rather than arguing on that silly topic. This would give time to both of you to think and recapitulate all the points. 

People do things and say things in anger which they don’t mean in reality. So to avoid future guilt, avoid a conversation and take a little break of 5-10 mins.


10. Sit and talk.

After a break. You feel more relaxed, freshened and can think wisely. You and your partner both would realise no need for such a steamy argument.

Now as a realization game plays its part, the best way to solve any problem is sit and talk with all your senses and listen to each other without interrupting. 

 TALK and solve the matter, as this is the one and only best way.

sit and talk to avoid silly fights


Sit and resolve your matters more maturely!

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