11 toxic Signs of unhealthy relationship!

toxic sign of unhealthy relationship

Unhealthy relationships are more than healthy relationships. I have listed 11 toxic signs of unhealthy relationships. 

1. Dominance :

Are you recessive or dominant in your relationship? 

Does just one person take all of your life decisions? Does your partner make you feel like as if you’re stupid and won’t understand anything?

Why do people dominate others? Everyone loves power. Power to control someone. No one becomes dominant of its own, it’s you who gave him the opportunity to become dominant and take charge of everything. 

Dominance by one adversely affects the self esteem of another person. Their confidence would have crushed till now. Sometimes people don’t realize how dominant they are. Some says they have a strong personality and so take the control of relationship. But dear, relationship is not a power to behold. It’s a responsibility which should be divided equally among two individuals.

2. Restrictions :

Don’t talk to that girl or boy? 

Don’t do this? 

Don’t do that? 

Why didn’t you pick up my call? 

All folks once in life have definitely heard any of those. Relationships are based on trust and putting restrictions is itself an issue on trust factor.

All newbies love when their partner puts restrictions on them but hate when their parents say the same. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to control you. When you can’t take it from your parents then how can you take it from them. Once you give the leniency to say anything to you or control you, they will never change. 

3. Jealousy :

Some say we feel jealous as we can’t see you with anyone else. Jealousy is an emotion that everybody faces but it’ll become unhealthy if Someone tries to control you..

Jealousy upto some point is okay. No one likes to see his love flirting and chatting with others. But like everything has its limits and so it’s with jealousy. 

When your jealousy turns into over protection and they hurt you or say bad things to you. My dear, this is one of the toxic sign of an unhealthy relationship. 

4. Obsession :

A heavy word, you will not even realize that the opposite person is obsessed with you. Loving someone is giving space and trusting each other. Being in an all consumed relationship could be a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

When someone is obsessed with you, they do and try to do everything to keep you with them. They don’t love you anymore but they are obsessed with you. They want you every now and then, which is not possible as everyone needs their space. 

Obsessed people will not tolerate it if you say no to them or disagree with them. They want you to be with him all the time, talk to them all the time and when you don’t fulfill these desires they hurt you. 

obsession is the bad sign of toxic relationship

5. Ignorance :

Does your partner ignore you after an enormous fight?

Do you cry like hell?

He ignores you in your lows. He is not there with you when you’re feeling unwanted. Everybody supports you in happiness, an honest person is one who supports you in sorrow and be with you when you need that person the most.


6. Betrayal :

It’s not what would come into your doorstep. It’s an observation you have to make. 

When you start observing behavioural change in your partner or he tries to avoid deep conversation with you. Teases out easily. Burst out on you over small issues are some of the signs he is betraying you. 

He starts lying to you, not paying attention to what you say or do. Fights and argue a lot and don’t even bother to make things up with you is the most common sign he is cheating on you. Why does he want to make things better with you when he has someone else to talk to?

7.  Big fights:

Small arguments, fights are common in every relationship. Though important also as not every relationship is ideal. But when these small fights turn into big abusive fights, then it would sound worrisome. 

He irritates easily from you. He doesn’t like to talk to you much and when he does, he fights. He abuses you for small things and triggers you to reply to him more aggressively so you both have a fight and he can have a peaceful night without you. 


violence is the toxic sign

8.Respect :

First thing you’ll be able to give to somebody is Respect. If an individual can’t respect you or respect your opinions, then there’s no use of being within the relationship.

Where there is no respect, please don’t stay. Respect is above all, regardless of the gender. A person should respect you and your decisions. 

If your partner doesn’t respect you, please reconsider your decision. 


9. Demoralization :

I have seen people with good caliber but depressed in life. They sometimes have unsupportive partners. Being in a relationship, you ought to support your partner. Stand by him/her in every phase of life and try to understand the person.

10. Dishonesty :

Like for a building to stand for years, you need a good foundation. The same is with relationships, trust is the foundation of each relationship. Secrets and lies can jeopardize a relationship. If you’re not happy in a very relationship then say it but don’t pretend to be.

11. Isolation :

Being in a very relationship you ought to respect each other’s space. Isolating you from your friends, could be a style of control in a very relationship. 

Many people end up controlling other people’s lives and don’t even realize it.

fight is the toxic sign of  bad relationship


Conclusion :

Bottom line is that when you feel any of the above signs showing up in your relationship. It’s advisable to reconsider your relationship. It’s not healthy for you to be in such a toxic relationship. Everyone deserves happiness and respect. You can’t change people, they will remain as they are but you can definitely change people from your life. It’s never late to do good. 

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