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love full form

Love full form ::

Love is not an acronym so it doesn’t have any kind.

What is love ?

Love and to be loved is the greatest of all. It is a sort of wind which you cannot see it but can feel it. Love is once you get chills down your spine simply by seeing him. LOVE is happiness in watching them sleep quietly.

love full form

Love full forms or types!

Love at first sight :

I guess this solely happens in the movie industry.  Love does not happen in an associate instant. It’s an infatuation that hits you initially. Or, typically it is a robust initial attraction that would later become a relationship. 

People fall for beauty and call it love. Love at first sight is more like infatuation. But some believe it to be real. 

But does it exist now also? 

Now people who are in need of love easily fall for love at first sight. Someone who is dumped recently would also fall for it. But as I have shared with you, love at first sight is rare and what we think as love could be just an infatuation.


Love and relationship :

Having a fellow or girlfriend does not count for love. But, having somebody in life with whom you can talk endlessly and share every single detail after having a long day is what love is.

Tagging somebody as your boyfriend or girlfriend merely changes anything. Unblemished love is what makes the distinction.

Relationships are more stronger when love is pure. Some people are in relationships but are not in love. Love is so underrated and polluted by people from our generation. 

We somewhere have lost the real meaning of love. How beautiful it would be to be in love, the beauty of love is lost in our materialistic world where men compare love with pleasure and women compare love with money. 

couple in love and relationship


What is one sided love :

Most of the people are not that fortunate in love and end up into friend zone. Out of them some accept it and some couldn’t bear the rejection.

I believe one sided love is the strongest of all. How can someone love so much without expecting anything in return. It’s the beauty of love that makes them strong and positive. 

One sided lovers are the most romantic and humble people. They believe in spreading love rather than hate. They turn out to be the best person in helping their love without any expectations. 

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What is true love??

I LOVE YOU is so impure today. Individuals use it in each mere case. Individuals are giving proof of there love? Is it how we decide a love? There is a difference between love and lust and forehead kiss and french kiss.

Loving somebody egotistically with none reason is what love is.


Love and friendship :

Most of us lie under this category. We do love someone but are so afraid to lose them that we never confront our love to them. We accept their friendship and love them and support them as their loved ones.

Friendship is love. Love is bliss when you find your best friend and soulmate in one person. You can live without a boyfriend but can’t live without a friend. 

Friends are the most important part of our lives. They are the chosen family we love. Our shoulders cry to clown to make us laugh. 

Friendship is mostly taken for granted. But they would always be there for you, no matter what you do. That’s the beauty of friendship. 

Tip : Crushes, Gf/Bfs will come and go but what always remains with you are your true friends. You saviour.


What is unconditional love?

Mother’s love :

Mother, Maa, Mom fully defines love full form. Different names for one person.

She is the one who carries you in her womb for 9months. She protected you like a goddess. She nurtures you. She teaches you from your first word to the first lesson of life. She is there for you in your lows and ups. She is the one who stands by you in every situation. You are her love, life, reason to live.

No matter what you do to her, she will always pray for your well-being. Her love is untainted.


love full form definition is mothers love

Your soul-mate :

Finding your soul-mate is like finding a unicorn. When two souls fall in love, there is nothing more beautiful than that. 

Signs you have found your soul-mate :

  • Trust your instinct

When you find ‘that one’ you have that instinct inside you. Believe in that. You always get signs when you will find your soul-mate. 

  • Sense of understanding

There is that understanding level between you two. You both are so different and still one another. You respect one another’s decision and understand without saying it. 

  • That unknown Vibe you have

You know you can feel something straight in your heart as soon as you see them. That unknown vibe always surrounds you both. You feel you know them from ages and super comfortable with them. 

  • Can communicate without words

There is that much level of understanding that you both understand one another without even saying. You feel comfortable and safe around them. You can just be with them and feel happy all the time. 

  • Feel the pain

That pinch you get in your heart when they fall. You feel the same pain, they are going through. 

  • One soul

soul mate

He is your love, happiness, joy, sad, pain, your everything. Real love full form is soul mate. You know who your soul-mate is. 

Love is knowing and accepting one another flaws and merrily living with it. 💛

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